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H&N Foods International could have easily capsized from the start if it hadn’t been for the innovation and optimism of one man. Originally founded as H&N Fish Co. by Hua Ngo in 1981, H&N Foods International started quite humbly with an immigrant and a fishing boat. Mr. Ngo intended to be a commercial fisherman until an unfortunate series of events jeopardized his livelihood leaving him with a fishing boat that was no longer seaworthy. In true entrepreneurial fashion, Mr. Ngo turned the obstacle into an opportunity by purchasing a van and forging relationships with independent fisherman in San Francisco to sell and distribute their catches of the day. Hauling vanloads of fresh fish and seafood, Mr. Ngo began to establish similar relationships with the small business owners of local markets and restaurants in places like Chinatown and throughout the city.

Some twenty-four years later, Mr. Ngo remains actively involved in the day-to-day operations of H&N Foods International. Through the years, he has managed to build relationships with many of the leading seafood producers around the world with the same levels of loyalty and respect. Partnerships in North America, Central America, South America, the Pacific Rim, Europe and Australia have enabled H&N Foods to supply and wholesale one of the industry’s most extensive and diverse lines of fresh fish, live fish and frozen seafood as well as 5 distinct packaged brands.

Today, H&N Foods International has evolved from one man driving back and forth locally in San Francisco to a dedicated team of over 150 employees working tirelessly with customers all over the world. With four HACCP-qualified locations on the West Coast and investments in global logistics and new technology, the company continues to meet the growing demands of its national and international customers without sacrificing its commitment to quality and dependability—attributes that solidified H&N Foods during its formative years. Ever cognizant of its entrepreneurial roots, H&N Foods takes pride in creating new business relationships whether they are with large corporations or small businesses. Additionally, H&N Foods keeps strong community ties as an active supporter of oceanic preservation institutes such as the California Academy of Sciences and Ocean Trust. As an importer, wholesaler, distributor and processor, H&N Foods actively seeks out new sources for fine seafood products and remains dedicated to providing all of its customers with extensive selections, professional service and premium quality seafood.

Every one of our imported products is inspected prior to processing, during processing and prior to shipment. If requested, inspections are performed by independent third parties and written reports provided.

Custom design
H&N’s products are specifically designed to meet the changing demands for the US Seafood market. Our packaging is bi-lingual with clear preparation instructions for each item. The seafood items we supply are attractive, viable marketable products available with an eye towards long term sustainability. The type of companies we seek to do business with are those that want to establish a consistent supply chain. We bring a morally highstanding, ethical and reliable approach to the seafood industry that historically has suffered under unpredictable swings in supply, quality and reliability.

H&N sources aquaculture as well as sea caught seafood globally. Asia Pacific sources are Thailand, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and India; South and Central American sources are Ecuador, Mexico and Brazil.

Environmental concerns and consumer demand are pressing many traditional seafood products to be produced through aquaculture. New technologies in breeding, feed conversion and harvesting methods have created a ten fold increase in shrimp production over the last decade. U.S. Shrimp consumption is currently in excess of 1.26 Billion pounds per year (in headless shell-on form) and continues to grow. Aquaculture addresses today’s demand for pollution-free seafood, production that is compatible with conservation of the Earth’s natural fisheries.

H&N’s success is largely due to its reputation for supplying consistently high quality fresh frozen seafood products to its customers in a competitive and timely manner. H&N’s philosophy is to treat each transaction, regardless of volume or dollar amount, as a unique situation requiring a special expertise in purchasing, currency regulations, costs, shipping logistics, financing techniques, foreign exchange and government regulations.

Custom packaging
Custom packaging design services for seafood products are offered, resulting in the prompt availability of a wide array of images and styles of bags, boxes and master cartons, produced overseas at highly competitive rates, focused on end users needs. Images are being made available to our suppliers online, and customers may review their custom packaging on the Tiger Bay website, using their password keys. Bi-lingual English and Spanish texts cater to the large and growing Latino demand for fresh frozen seafood.

It is in these specialized areas that H&N personnel and agents excel in order to provide a vital link between buyers and sellers of frozen seafood, which ensures top performance and controls through each stage of a transaction

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